Choosing Schools playground equipment

Choosing Schools playground equipment

Anyone thinking of purchasing Schools playground equipment for their School or other educational institute must consider several factors before making a decision. Such as, which age group are you aiming at? How can you ensure that you supply the correct school play equipment for the ages concerned that will keep them excited yet safe at the same time? Which materials are best utilized?

Let’s start by breaking the play equipment range down into three age groups. Toddlers through to infant school, ages 1-6. Junior School ages 7-11 and lastly teens. Trying to accommodate for all these age groups in one place, although do-able, will more than likely be unsuccessful. Particularly nowadays when many young children won’t approach a play area surrounded by teens for fear of reprisal.

Schools playground equipment – Consider one or two of the age groups and aim at these, or separate the play areas so smaller children will feel more at ease at playtime.

Now everyone knows that little kids have big imaginations. Incorporating playground graphics into their outdoor play environment is a hugely successful way of encouraging imaginative play and keeping small children active. Creative development is one of the six areas of learning for the outdoor curriculum. Incorporating imaginative play equipment such as wooden ships, trains and castles mean that those little minds can travel anywhere that their imaginations can carry them within the safety of the school playground. Also incorporating something that rocks such as a horse or swings will prove popular as small children gain comfort in all things that rock.

Moving onto slightly older children at junior school. At this age adventurous play is imperative for developing confidence and co-ordination. Climbing frames and adventure trails are perfect for developing these skills. There are low-level and high-level adventure trails available. The high-level trails obviously require a degree of climbing skill and co-ordination so are recommended for the older children but the low-level trails are great for developing these balancing skills at this age.

Lastly we look at the older age range of children using Schools playground equipment. Using a clever mixture of high-level adventure trails and play sport equipment you can ensure that even the toughest teen can’t resist joining in at playtime. High-level adventure trails will encourage them to show off their climbing skills to their peers and motivate their thoughts at the same time as helping to build strong muscles.


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